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Copper Crush Washers

SKU: 000001
  • Product Name: Copper Washer


    • High quality copper washers are constructed to uphold strength and ultimate durability during tough operations.
    • Specialized material provides fine workmanship, smooth surface and no burr for good results.
    • Widely used in various environments pertaining to hydraulic fittings, high pressure banjo bolts, motorcycles, ATVs, Tractors, brake lines, water, fuel, and sump plugs.


    Inner Diameter: 12mm/0.47"

    Outer Diameter: 16mm/0.63"

    Thickness: 1.5mm/0.06"

    Features: Copper provides a tighter seal and greater heat endurance than steel and rubber washers. Widely applied in the flange and the connection of the chemical plant, electricity generating station, nuclear power station, and electronic, digital consumer products, hardware, precision instruments, electrical appliances, bearings, air pumps, water pumps, water valves, air cylinder, sealing the high pressure braking systems.

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